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I am proud to be a Korean American. The flexibility of the two cultures allows me to communicate with a wider view point. No longer do I need to be more Korean or more American, but just a proud Korean American. I will never truly fit in the Korean model since I do not speak Korean, and I will never truly fit in the American model since I look too Asian. So, I am allowed to float between two worlds and feel free.
It has taken me years to come into myself but with trial and errors, I learned to enjoy the two worlds which I live in. The world is not perfect, I am not perfect, and I have realized that I have to move on with my life. I stand up tall for myself, I stand up tall for my family, I stand up tall for my friends, and I stand up tall for my adopted nation “The United States of America.”

I have received some of the greatest gifts from The United States of America. The right to vote is one of the greatest gift I have been given. I can complain all I want because I vote and let my votes be heard. The Declaration of Independence is another great gift which gives me rights that other countries do not give their citizens. I served this country “The United States of America,” for FREEDOM. I am free in this country to make my own decisions, I am free in this country to vote, I am free in this country to travel, and I am free to voice my thoughts as I like. So I am proud to be a Korean American, where I am free and no chains can stop me in pursuing my dreams.

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