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What’s up everyone! My name is Joshua Yoo! I am 27 years young and I am Korean American. I was born on a small island called Manhattan, New York.

I have been in the pursuit of happiness for most my life. I was depressed, angry, showed no appreciation and walked through life drinking massive amounts of haterade and spewing my negativity to the world. After all this hate being spewed and me not enjoying life, something happened. I finally woke up. Lights starting going off in my head. It took me so many years to find happiness and I am very proud to say I found it. It is now my mission in life to help others get there as well no matter what gets in my way.

You may be wondering about why my occupation says “Inspirational Leader.” Let me explain. I inspire from my actions. I don’t just say what I am going to do. I do it. No matter what. You are a leader too. You can inspire someone to act and change. If I can do it (coming from someone who was apathetic about the world and people) I am 100% certain you can, too.

I need to mention that I don’t have any religious affiliation and the things I do are because we need to treat each other like human beings. My blog chronicles a life of my friend Rick. He was a homeless men I met and talked to and it will forever be a story that changed my life. I had to share it with the world. Rick is now my friend and fellow brother from another mother. I would take a bullet for that man just as much as he would for me. He is a true inspiration and his story is heartfelt and amazing. His story needs to be shared with the world.

I show compassion for others regardless of sex, race, sexual orientation, political affiliations and everything in between. Everyone is born good regardless of what they are doing in life right now. We were all once children who only wanted to play and be loved. We all have our own stories to share.

I don’t know what took me so long to figure this out, but now that I have, life is infinitely more beautiful and my curiosity is endless, every second is a new second and every stranger is a friend I haven’t introduced myself to yet. I am on my mission to change the world, whether it be one person at a time or through millions and billions of people. is really about finding “Yoo” and also finding out more about me. I experience, I write and live and enjoy my life!

I am Korean American.

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